Ursula West – Daughter of Country

The peculiar charm of Ursula West’s evening lies in its simple eloquence and lack of pretense. With her music (Johannes Roloff & his band) and a remarkable combination of innocence and strength, she tells her tale, an affecting and fascinating story of a mother and wife, singer and songwriter, but most of all, of a woman.

It’s funny, sad, intense, but what makes it is Ursula West herself. She’s “just folks” – but her appealing vulnerability and loving sensitivity will delight her fans and may even win her some converts to whom country music is an alien world.

Directed by Thomas Engel | Produced by Tobias Bonn
Costumes by Arne Baess | Hair by Bernd Heinemann / Benjamin Kiss

She is, in short, a person who even the sourest of cynics would have trouble not liking. | New York Times

Hugely influential | Nashville Post

Sparkling…. she is different | Baltimore Sun

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